Lesson 1 – Definite / Indefinite Articles

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Welcome to the very first, all-English episode of DiGiLiSh.

If you’re a newcomer to the language, or want to brush up on basic grammar, you’re in the right place! Take note that I will mention other grammatical terms during the lesson, these will be covered in other lessons (and, when they are, I will link to them in the video).

I aim to make easy-to-understand lessons that are short and informative as they should be considered supplements to help you practice.

These lessons are not good substitutes for actual classes with teachers! A large part of learning a language is repetition and exposure and a classroom (or even better, an English-speaking country!) is a much better environment for that.

I strive to provide good, easy to read subtitles for my classes and, given time, I will try to expand the amount of subtitles for my classes to be in other popular languages, including Arabic, Turkish and Spanish!

Take note! My pronunciation is American most of the time, but because I learned British English in school, I pronounce some words in a British way. Most obvious would be how I say A and An in this video, which are more akin to British English than American. So keep that in mind when you’re watching.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope you found my lessons useful and that you will come back here again!

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1 Comment

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