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Baby Learns Daily Articles now, and move those scissors! Raise up that frying pan! Play with daily articles!

Fun feature
4 Major Subjects Kitchen, study, bedroom, and bathroom, recreate the appearance of a living environment for your baby to play in, and learn to recognize daily articles fully!
Puzzle Recognition Put the coat hangers into the dresser, put the toothbrush into the cup… learn shapes, solve puzzles, and learn how to tell the difference among different daily articles!
Simulated Activity Use a pan to fry vegetables, use a pencil sharpener to sharpen pencils, use a clothes hangers to hang clothes… move your hands, use your brain, and learn to use daily articles!
DIY Daily Articles Blue blankets, white pillows, yellow lampshades, bear stickers… Your baby can design their own daily objects!
Exercise Hands-On Ability Install a microchip in the alarm clock, put on the clock face, add the hands… assemble an alarm clock to wake you up!

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