how to embed video within your articles & content

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Get on there to keep up with the group and move your business forward.

Social promotion is hot right now and working like a male baboon in heat so jump on and take advantage of the heat wave.

Embedding online videos into your content gives it that rich multimedia flavor and really spices up and livens up your users/readers experience.

By using internet video you engage the motion part of their eyes as well as their hearing senses.

So instead of just the reading part of their brain you also access and influence 2 of their other senses with you lively video content.

The vid has a dramatic impact in building a closer bond with your visitors and looks way more professional if for no other reason than your competitors aren’t doing it so web vids set you apart and most importantly above your competition.

Make excellent use of the video tools and rich media options available to you today.

I show you the ins and outs in this video of how to use internet video to promote your stuff online for free using the taggzilla community.

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